About Pakistan Idol 2014

The hottest thing on Pakistan Television is the Pakistan Idol show, modeled after American and India Idol TV shows. What also makes it a hot hit are the judges that are extremely talented and popular Pakistani born citizens. All judges are unique and hard driving based on their own personal experiences in achieving stardom.

The stars on the panel are Mohib Mirza (actor), Bushra Anzari (multi-talented actress/singer), Ali Azmat (soulful singer) and Hadiqa Kiani (talented singer called Boohey Barian Girl). They are all experts in their right and focused on what the contestants bring forth. As the series is aired how well the judges get along will also be interesting, compared to other idol shows where the judges has their own conflicts and opinions.

The show is smoking hot as it has managed to capture more than 6.5 billion voters stretched from Africa, Europe, South/North America. Asia and even Australia touching viewers in over 150 countries with an astonishing 460 million viewers.

The Idol show itself has been on the air since 2001 and has gone through some franchising issues; regardless its first season has begun in Pakistan and is a television phenomenon already. The chance to become a star on this singing series competition is not being left aside. Auditions have been overwhelming and limited to the ages between 15 – 30 years old and must be legal Pakistani residents. In each city that auditions have been held over 10,000 contestants have competed which are being narrowed down to 100 per city and further on the following shows.

Once contestants are weeded out they will all appear in Karachi where the TV show then gets rolling until the final challenge with the last 12-14 remaining competitors. The ultimate goal is to win of course. The prize is not just a recording contract, trophy, sizable amount of money and a luxurious SUV. The possibility of an exploding career into fame for contestants, excitement of audience viewers and the tough decisions judges have make the show something to look forward to.

Initial auditions began in September 2013 and the first aired episode was on 6 December 2013 and will go on for weeks to come with ever growing audience. Having an entertaining show like this take off with bells and whistles is an eye opening event for Pakistan and the world. This is a revival of television and life for Pakistanis and for the world to witness.

Watch Latest Episode 25 - Feb 28th, 2014